90 DIY Halloween Costumes – Easy to Make DIY Ideas That Are Budget Friendly

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It’s that time of year again, and you know what that means. Halloween is right around the corner! You might be in need of DIY Halloween Costumes for you or your children, so we have some easy-to-make DIY ideas for you to choose from. A lot of these DIY costumes can also be done on a budget too, which is always good news if you’re tight on cash this month.


DIY Halloween Costumes


Tips for a DIY Halloween Costume

– You’ll be surprised at what you can find in your closet for DIY Halloween costumes. A lot of the time, accessories are all that’s needed to turn an old outfit into a brand new DIY costume idea! If you don’t have any ideas or even clothes, it may just require some creativity and thinking outside the box.

– The internet has tons of DIY Halloween costumes tutorials on how to make anything from a dress made out of paper plates to cobwebs-covered windows with glow sticks as lights. Spend some time browsing Pinterest instead of scrolling through Facebook this year. These could end up being your most creative DIY ideas yet!

– Don’t forget about makeup either – especially because there are so many DIY Halloween makeup tutorials out there. There are so many different styles of DIY costumes that you can make yourself, and it’s much cheaper than anything you could buy in stores!

– The most important thing to remember about DIY costumes is being creative with what you have on hand or cheaply available at a store nearby. You just need some glue, fabric items (or even old clothes), sheets, foam board – whatever your budget allows for!

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Exploring the ideas behind easy DIY Halloween costumes will lead to more creativity when brainstorming your own designs. We put together an article with DIY Halloween costume ideas and DIY tips that can help you have a one-of-a-kind DIY this year. So get out your glue gun and let’s get started!


90 DIY Halloween Costumes



90 DIY Halloween Costumes - Easy to Make DIY Ideas That Are Budget Friendly 3



DIY Halloween Costumes for Children


  1. DIY Jellyfish Halloween Costume from Almost the Real Thing
  2. DIY Baby Gum Ball Machine Costume from Peek-a-Boo Pages
  3. Unicorn Costume from Craftaholics Anonymous
  4. Simple Shark w/ Dorsal Fin Costume from Make It Love It
  5. DIY Pizza Costume from U Create Crafts
  6. Boo from Monsters Inc. Costume from Highlights Along the Way
  7. Monarch Butterfly Wings from Buggy and Buddy
  8. DIY Buzz Lightyear Costume from Fun at Home with Kids
  9. Peter Pan Escaped Shadow from Tikkido
  10. Flower Girl from Pepper Design Blog
  11. No-Sew Dinosaur Costume from Ginger Snap Crafts
  12. DIY Fireman Costume from Stitched by Crystal
  13. Baby Giraffe Costume from Shrimp Salad Circus
  14. DIY Hooty Owl Costume from This Heart of Mine
  15. DIY Olaf Costume from Desert Chica
  16. DIY No Sew Donut from I Love to Create
  17. Crazy Cat Lady Halloween Costume from Crafty Morning
  18. DIY Black Cat Costume from Do It Yourself Diva
  19. DIY Angel Wings from Say Yes
  20. DIY Toddler Tinker Bell Costume from Sincerely Jean


DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

  1. Lego Family from Design Dazzle
  2. 101 Dalmatians Family via Pinterest
  3. Inside-Out Family from Costume Works
  4. “The Little Mermaid” Family from Craftiness is not Optional
  5. Where’s Waldo Family via Pinterest
  6. Angry Birds Family from Sugar Bee Crafts
  7. Starbucks Family from Parents.com
  8. Monster Family from Tell Love and Party
  9. Alice-in-Wonderland Family from The Gray Ruby
  10. Pacman Family via Pinterest
  11. Shark Attack Family from Sugar Bee Crafts
  12. Garden Family via Pinterest
  13. Dr. Seuss Family via Pinterest
  14. Rainbow Family from Costume Works
  15. Peter Pan Family via Pinterest
  16. Ninja Turtle family via Pinterest
  17. ‘The Incredibles’ Family from Cute and Little
  18. Frozen Family from Costume Works
  19. Beekeeper Family from Womans Day
  20. Cops & Robbers via Pinterest
  21. S’mores Family from Chic Pursuit
  22. Flintstones Family via Pinterest
  23. Mr. Potato Head Family from Family Holiday
  24. Three Pigs Family from Costume Works
  25. Milk & Cookies family from Costume Works
  26. Superhero Family from The RollinsRuckus
  27. Laundry Crew Family from Costume Works
  28. Art Family from Costume Works
  29. Star Wars Family from MinTarrow
  30. 101 Dalmatians from Lola Lambchops



DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples



  1. Bandits Costume from Say Yes
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head from Andrea’s Notebook
  3. Bun in the Oven Costume from Spot of Tea Designs
  4. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell from Stay Glam
  5. Salt and Pepper from eVite
  6. Grease from Brit + Co.
  7. Johnny Cash and June Carter  from Popsugar
  8. Thing 1 Thing 2 from HerCampus
  9. Forrest Gump and Jenny from Mary Costa Photography 
  10. Joker and Harley Quinn Costume from Brit + Co
  11. Tiana and Prince Naveen From The Princess and the Frog Via Pinterest
  12. The Black-Eyed Peas  from  The Thinking Closet
  13.  Mario and Luigi Ladies Costumes from Trish Sutton
  14. Fix-it Felix and Wreck-It Ralph from Popsugar
  15. DIY Candy Bar Costume from Oh My! Creative
  16. Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy from Studio DIY
  17. Pac Man Costume from Spot of Tea Designs
  18. Cruella and Dog Catcher from The Dating Divas
  19. Castaway from Katie Raines 
  20. Minion & Gru from Mommy’s Little Sunshine



DIY Halloween Costumes for Individuals


  1. DIY Sriracha Costume from Sara Hearts
  2.  Ace Ventura from Gallery Hip
  3. DIY Audrey Hepburn from The Joy of Fashion
  4.  Emoji Costume from  Brit + Co
  5. Bag of Jelly Bellies from Don’t Waste The Crumbs
  6.  Mad Hatter from  Costume Works
  7. Army Men from Who Say
  8. Flight Attendant from What I Wore
  9. Minion from Big DIY Ideas
  10.  Gameboy and Nintendo from  Flint and Tinder and Wii Noob
  11. DIY Bat Costume from She Knows
  12.  Duck Dynasty from  Minimalisti
  13. Minnie Mouse from I Am Style-Ish
  14. Gumball Machine Costume from Cute Girl Hair Styles
  15. DIY Maleficent Horns from Wonder How to
  16. Gru from Imgu
  17.  The Fresh Prince and Carlton from  Imgur
  18.  Edward Scissorhands from  @danielveytia
  19. Bank Robber from B&B
  20.  Inspector Gadget from  Gallery Hip

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