8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store

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For as long as I’ve been an adult, I’ve struggled with my weight.

And to be honest, I didn’t care for my body as I should have.

Even as a kid I ate whatever I wanted but the really bad cycle came when I was an adult.

The bad eating then meant I’d get on a short phase where I was obsessed with losing weight, but that lasted until I lost it and I reverted back to the same way of eating.

But slowly over time, I started to become more conscious of how I felt during keto. More energy, more focused and weight coming off.

I know a lot of you might be in the same boat I was in; wanting to lose weight, but maybe not sure what’s the best way of doing it.

I also know you hear good and bad about all ‘diets’.

Let me tell you, keto is NOT a fad. It is a lifestyle change.

And for those that tried it due to bad cholesterol tests, diabetes, etc are seeing great success in their numbers. For me, I wanted to initially lose weight but how I lose and feel keep me on it. Additionally, with my daughters illness, the keto lifestyle is great when you need an anti inflammatory diet.

So down below I’ve included some seriously amazing graphs to get you started and make you a genius (well.. almost) at keto.


Let’s Start With Keto For Beginners

This is my favorite chart and I keep a screen print on my phone for when I am shopping and draw a blank.

You’ve had those moments, too, right? You’re standing in the store and just cannot think of what you need or want.

This chart conveniently breaks down, in an easy to follow chart, all the proteins/meat, fats/oils/nuts/seeds, fruits/veggies, condiments/spices, and snacks/drinks that you are allowed.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 1

Now What You Should be Shopping For

This is another chart following the food pyramid, which I don’t believe in by the way.

How can you?

It tells you to eat carbs but we know that can’t be true if those with illnesses are told not to eat them and get better and lose weight, right?

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 2

Easy To Follow Meal Plan

This meal plan isn’t really a full meal plan but gives you a basic guide when you draw a blank of what you can eat.

It is especially a help for beginners with an easy to follow meal plan.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 3

Lazy Keto When You Are In A Hurry

Lazy keto…that’s so me lol.

I like what I can grab and have no excuses.

I mean really, let’s face it…we make the excuse that we’re busy or in a hurry to grab what we shouldn’t eat, right?

No excuses with this chart.

This chart is helpful for those times when you are too busy to cook or out and about running around and need to grab a keto friendly option. I am a huge fan of the rotisserie chicken.

I also keep a screen print of this on my phone.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 4

Because You Want and Need Fruit

So many people starting keto think you can’t have fruit at all.

You can have it. However, remember the carb count you are sticking to.

Majority of newbies stick to 20 or less a day.

If that is the case, take a look at the chart and you’ll see some come, blueberries and grapefruit, come up quite high.

Use this chart as a guide when shopping for your fruit.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 5

Now You Need a Beginners List of Swaps

As you know, you cannot have rice, potatoes, bread, etc on keto.

But we sometimes need a similar fix, right?

This will help you when you are craving, say pancakes. You’ll see that you can have them with almond flour so you can search Pinterest for a recipe.

Or you want a crispy chicken or fish coating. Ground pork rinds is the only answer you need. I made this many times for my family and the husband and kids all approve and it is requested!

Having swap options is super important if you want to have certain things in your diet like keto friendly bread, sugars, milk, rice, etc.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 6

If You Want to Fulfill a Craving

Another swap chart for switching out your regulars.

Want mashed potatoes? Have mashed cauliflower. You are lucky. When I started keto there weren’t convenient options. You had to make your own. You can now go to the store and grab what you want.

Sometimes we want a tortilla, pasta, or mashed potatoes just to name a few. Starting out you won’t be aware of the extensive list of substitutions. This chart gives you the keto friendly options. All you need to do is find your favorite brand or recipe.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 7

Lastly, Keto Snack Options

Ahhh snacking.

We all do it.

We think we can’t on keto.

But we CAN!

You will just have to rethink the way you snack.

For me, before keto I loved crackers with salami and cheese. Now I just have salami and cheese.

Or I’d want a chip and dip. Now I have low carb ranch and celery or cucumber. Or even make pepperoni chips!

And bacon cooked just right so you can dip guac! Heavenly!

This list will help to have on hand when first starting keto.

8 Keto Charts For Beginners That Will Help you At The Store 8

Now whether you’re looking to lose weight or you want to make a lifestyle change, these charts will help you get started on that keto path. After you follow these for a bit, you’ll become accustomed to what is keto approved and create your own regimen. But, as I said, even though I’ve done it many years I sometimes draw a blank so I keep the screen print on my phone.

Now if you have any questions or any keto tips yourself, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about them!

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