5 Quick and Easy Things You Should Do Before Guests Arrive

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Before Guests ArriveBefore Guests Arrive Here are 5 Things You Should Do

If you are expecting company at your home there are some basic things you will want to do to make sure your guest feels welcome.  You may already have thought about tidying up, hiding your clutter, vacuuming, and clearing your countertops, but what else might you be forgetting?  Here are five really easy things that you can quickly do before guests arrive.

Bathroom Prep

While you are making your bathroom presentable before guests arrive, don’t forget to replace the toilet paper roll.  You don’t need to have an extra roll handy although some guest bathrooms have a handy holder near the toilet.  The most important thing is that the roll itself is fully stocked. It is not only practical, it looks nicer that way.  Your guest might not notice it, but that’s what you want. It would be bad if what they did notice was an empty roll after it’s already too late!

Kitchen Prep

You may have swept, mopped and wiped every surface in sight.  You may have even baked some goodies or put out a cheese plate for your arriving guests.  However, don’t neglect beverages. and be aware of your refrigerator organization. Tidy up the space and make room so guests don’t have to negotiate the items inside.  Have beverages cooled to temp and make sure you have plenty of ice on hand before guests show up at your door.


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Living Room Prep

While you are tidying up in the living room, be sure to check your couch cushions.  These are traps for everything form loose change to candy.  You may or may not deep clean your couch with some regularity.  Either way, it is not something you want to overlook when you have company. Before guests arrive, rip your couch apart and sweep out or vacuum whatever goodies you find.  You might be surprised what a mess it is if you haven’t cleaned it in a while. Plus, if there is any money to be found in there, it’s a bonus for you!

All over Prep

There are a couple of quick things to see to in every room you expect your guests to be in.  Change out the garbage in the kitchen, living room and guest bathroom. You should also light a candle or use plugins or oil diffusers to get some scents into the space.  This will create a more welcoming environment and help to set a specific mood. You should also prepare the thermostat or let a breeze in if you expect a lot of company, especially if you have been cooking in the kitchen.

Laundry Room Prep

Finally, on last thing to note before your company arrives is the laundry cycle.  If you have a wet load of laundry sitting in the washer, you will definitely want to move it into the dryer and take care of any dried laundry you have.  This way your wet laundry gets dealt with rather than getting funky, plus you are set up for any post party washing you need to do.


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