25 Easy Ways To Save On Christmas This Year

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25 Easy Ways To Save On Christmas This Year 1Save On Christmas with 25 Merry Money Saving Tips

Christmas time is here and it’s a great time to take a step back and look at your Christmas budget.  There are all kinds of different ways that you can save money this holiday season. Here are twenty five ways that you can save on Christmas.

Five DIY Gifts to Help You Save on Christmas

Baking Mixes in a Jar are an excellent DIY gift that don’t cost a lot to make.

Ornaments make an excellent DIY project and the materials can be very inexpensive.

Bath Bombs and Soaps make a fun gift idea and they are easy to make with simple ingredients.

Photo Books make great gifts and can illustrate a meaningful event or relationship.

Coasters are one more DIY that puts you in control.  Use tile, cork board, wood, or glass to make a gift anyone can enjoy.

Five Gifts to Avoid Shipping and Save on Christmas

Gift Cards sent in a greeting card are a convenient way to send a gift.

E Gift Cards are even better than sending a card through the postal service!

Subscription Boxes make a terrific year long gift that you can send without a shipping charge.

Club Memberships can be easily gifted over long distances and do not need to be shipped!

Gift a Playlist using iTunes to share meaningful songs to your loved ones.

Five Budget Tips to Save on Christmas

Sell Old Items you no longer use to increase your Christmas Budget.

List Christmas Expenditures in order to create a framework for your budget.  Make sure to track your spending as well.

Buy Inexpensive Items First. that way you will not lose control of your spending and you will keep perspective.

In Store Pick Up is always better than paying for shipping if you order online.

Shop in Small Bursts rather than wait until the countdown to Christmas.

Five Ways to Save on Christmas Travel

Buy Tickets Early and avoid the higher cost of tickets.

Fare Tracking apps are a convenient way to shop for airfare and help you save.

Other Transportation could be the budget solution for you depending on your schedule.  Consider trains and buses.

Student Schedules play a factor in pricing.  Try to leverage the calendar to your advantage.

Get a Ride to the airport instead of incurring parking fees.

Five Ways to Save on Christmas Home Decor

After Christmas Deals are my favorite way to save on Christmas decor.  Everything is on clearance as if Christmas won’t happen again next year.

Use LEDs to save on electricity and get more life out of your decor.

DIY decor is a great solution for budget friendly festivity.  You can use found items in nature right outside for use, like pine cones and tree branches.  You can also bake homemade decor and make popcorn garland.

Use an Artificial Tree instead of buying a new one every year.  This is a long term strategy, but the fake tree can also be cheaper than a real one, especially after Christmas.

Supplement your visual decor with a multi sensory holiday experience.  Christmas Music and fragrances will stretch your decorating dollar.


25 Easy Ways To Save On Christmas This Year 2


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