10 Easy Ways To Get More Organized in under 5 Minutes

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10 Easy Ways To Get More Organized in under 5 Minutes 1Organize Quickly Using These Ten Simple Cleaning Tips

If you are surrounded by clutter and it’s affecting your concentration there are some simple and easy to follow steps to get more organized quickly.  Don’t be overwhelmed by a mess. Just get to work on these basic strategies to make your space more livable in only a few minutes. These are ten easy ways to organize quickly.



The number one way I get organized in a very short period of time is to sort out the chaos.  You don’t have to know what to do with stuff, you just have to clump your clutter into separate piles.  Even if you do nothing else with your things they will at least be organized. But once you have your clutter arranged in categories, you can store them in places where they belong


Another way to arrange your clutter is by usefulness.  You can do this apart from other sorting or in addition to it.  This kind of sorting allows you to actually do away with clutter you don’t need by identifying waste.  Deal with anything you have been putting off at least by committing to a prioritized deadline, or decision to throw it away once and for all.

Waste Basket Clean Up

Have a small wastebasket on hand that you can keep by your side and carry with you as you roam about your space.  toss, dunk, and junk anything that you have no immediate use for. If it doesn’t belong in the trash, or in your space, take it to it’s rightful spot.  Keep your head down and keep moving and your area will be tidy in no time.

Storage Audit

Part of managing your clutter is managing what is already stored.  It may be an unorganized mess behind closed doors. You also may struggle to make additional room for other important things.  This is especially true in the kitchen. You can quickly run through each of your drawers and cupboards removing anything you do not use.  You don’t have to get rid of it, but you can box it up and store it in the garage, attic or basement. Just five minutes to tackle a bad problem area is all you need.


10 Easy Ways To Get More Organized in under 5 Minutes 2Shelves

containers work great side by side on shelves.  You can store a variety of things easily and tidily and pull them off the shelf as needed rather than pushing things aside while searching, or neglecting what you have pushed to the back.

Under the Sink

Same as with shelves, a cheap plastic bin or basket is the best way to store cleaners and other under sink items.  They are easy to take out and put back.


I love having cheap plastic containers in my pantry so I can combine like items and I never have to worry about forgetting what I have and letting it expire.  It’s so easy to organize your pantry in just a few minutes and you will be glad you did.


Organizing your fridge does not have to be difficult.  If you don’t do it often you will mostly just want to check dates and throw out anything questionable.  You already have compartments installed in your fridge. However, don’t be afraid to adjust the shelves to be more personalized to you if you find that the shelf space is not adequate.

Linen Closet

I find that having small buckets, baskets or caddies in the linen closet help to keep things better organized.  hand towels and washcloths are better organized if you roll them up and contain them rather than folding and stacking them.



When you can’t shelve it an move on, you may require another solution.  Hooks can be installed quickly without tools if you use the plastic ones with the adhesive on the back.  This is a super quick fix and a great way to use wall space when you are out of counter and shelf space.


10 Easy Ways To Get More Organized in under 5 Minutes 3


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