10 Commonly Overstocked Household Items and How to End the Madness

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Overstocked Household ItemsOverstocked Household Items You Likely Have in Your Own Home

How often do you tidy up at home?  Does that regularly include getting rid of unused items and clearing space at home?  Keeping clear, open space is always a struggle. it’s like we impulsively need to fill unused space, regardless of how great we feel about having a neat and clean environment.  

On top of that, there are just some things we keep accumulating, even though we don’t know what to do with them. I’m not sure why this is, but I can identify some of the problem items and give you some idea what to do with them.  Here is a list of overstocked household items you likely have in your own home.

Overstocked Household Items

Cleaning Products

Chances are you have a variety of cleaners that do the same thing somewhere under one of the sinks in your house.  You may even have some that you never use or have forgotten about. Challenge yourself to use all of these. Try to use them up and give yourself a time limit of one month.  Streamline what you use upon replacement. The things you don’t can get thrown out so you no longer have too many things under your sink. Did you know, you can consolidate household cleaner and body wash/shampoo in one and it’s all natural? Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are good for just about any cleaning task. Face, body, hair & dishes, laundry, mopping, pets—clean your house and body with no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents—none! Dilute! Dilute! OK!! Need recipes? Read Lisa Bronner’s Liquid Soaps Dilutions Cheat Sheet. You can buy Dr. Bronner’s here.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are so easy to collect and fill up a cupboard fast.  It may be painful to part with some, so why not create a seasonal rotation.  You can break your collection down into fourths and keep the other mugs in storage somewhere outside the kitchen.  This way you keep all of the important coffee mugs, but you still don’t have too many things in your cupboard.

Food Storage Containers

Food Storage containers are all the same, but we somehow get tricked into buying them over and over.  The lids disappear and the weird sizes you never use pile up. It’s time to take inventory and be selective.  Throw out or donate whatever doesn’t make the cut, depending on their disposable, or reusable qualities.

Personal Care Products

You may have a similar situation with personal care as with your cleaners.  These things go on sale and you stock up, but then you forget about them. Meanwhile, you keep buying more products on sale, or with coupons.  Make these products accessible so that they do not get overlooked. Turn a blind eye to any promotions you see until the situation is under control and you don’t have too many things anymore.

Cables and Wires

You probably have at least one drawer in your house dedicated to old phone chargers, cords and adapters, you are never going to use.  USB and HDMI cables do come in handy, but most of the time your tangled cluster of wires is only going to grow and keep you disorganized.  You might try selling some and see what you can get for them, otherwise donate them to a thrift store and free up that drawer.

Junk Mail

This is a problem I see time and again.  From unopened and unwanted mail, to ads, coupons, and invitations, you may have piles of items you will get back to “later.”  You need a system and a routine. Have a mail station in your house where you keep scissors and a shredder at all times. It’s also a good idea to keep a supply of stamps and your checkbook in the same place.

Reusable Shopping Bags

These are so easy to come by.  and they are useful when you have too many things to carry.  However, they are never around when you need them so you keep getting more.  The solution is simple. Keep them in your car, in an accessible spot so you will remember to take some in with you wherever you shop.

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are easy to buy.  You think you have to have it for that one thing, and later find out you’ve only done that “one thing” one time.  Luckily these are easy to donate, or even sell online if they are in good enough condition. You probably have some that never came out of the packaging.  This is one case where having too many things can easily be turned into a small profit.

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Never around when you need one, yet somehow they are everywhere at the same time.  The reason is that you have the wrong pens. Next time you are looking for a pen and find a pen you can’t use, throw it away instead of letting it continue to take up space.  Repeat as needed.

Remote Controls

Do you still have a million and a half remote controls in your living room?  How is voice activated technology coexisting with so many remote controls? And why don’t universal remotes ever seem to handle everything you need them to?  The solution here either comes down to programing, or upgrading your system, but you can accomplish this with a little it of effort or monetary investment. Either way, it’s worth it to streamline your command center.


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